Working with natural elements, such as clay, air, water and fire, brings me closer to the origins of mankind, the beginning of creation concerning the basic elements of life.



My work represents the foundation of primal life and the rudiments of our environment, whether basic molecular, marine, or nature-oriented.

I begin a piece by playing with and assembling smaller pieces that unite a form thus creating not only unity but also movement, rhythm and force. 



Challenged by the fragility and delicacy of my pieces, which require patience, care and tact, the soft, slippery, sliding sensation of the clay on the wheel fulfills me as patterns emerge through inspiration, pulse and concentration. Each stage of creation and development, from the original form to its firing, is critical, demanding much dedication, determination and effort.

Despite the necessary repetition and apparent simplicity of each part of a piece, the complete work brings forth sensations of strength and energy, which contribute to the meticulous assembling of the whole structure.



The smoothness of texture for marine or cellular-like pieces, which require no color as they speak for themselves, are in contrast to the rough aspect of nature-oriented pieces representing bark, moss or fossils.  Tones of brown, particularly iron oxide owing to its thin, mat, opaque quality, are used for the rugged pieces reflecting earth elements.

Every piece is unique and different, in harmony with the origins of evolution and reflects the docility, sensitivity and beauty of life regenerated.