Claire Lippmann


   Something similar to the letter Aleph (which is soundless, a breath which pushes the words) lightly touches these works of clay : it is a subtle and uncontainable force, a tenacious and silent exhalation, an emissary of the depths which whispers to the ear the words from afar : “many flames blaze under the waters”.


   Eroticism of clay in which both the soft and rough textures caress each other and render to the seduced eye the rhythm of the wheel, the miracles of touch and the splendour of primary fire.


   Safe from harshness of forms, these challenging and delicate works evoke movements, play, and unpredictable, capricious dislocations, full of strength and energy : epic of touch and lyric of imagination, ecstasy of the elements : eroticism of clay.


   Furtive incursions in the intimacy of order, radiographies of life-supporting balance, these vibrant works of art are also the testimony of a secret dance and resounding notes of a lullaby, making possible the dream of this world.


Text written by Leonardo Tenorio


Translation: Mary Harasymowycz