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Dreams of Touch

Ceramics of Claire Lippmann


It all begins in the wheel. Hence the origin is in the wheel. Therefore no order is safe from being just a dream.

Epidermal trials, the pieces of Claire Lippmann are the dreams of touch. Dreams that rest in the certainty that ceramics a trance which can ascend us very far, until there is no more present than the remote and where “the modernity of the human family” is again a part of common sense.

The shape starts from the vertigo of the wheel, in this way it longs -and demands- to be repeated. “For something to make sense, it is precise that it be repeated”, wrote Calasso. In these pieces, the repetition dissolves and permanently regenerates the sense of the small forms at the same time as it prints the gentle movement and soft and compact texture with the nature often given to its free creatures (and therefore less needed of justification). A dry leaf, orange wedges, the wall of a cave or a fossilized stone lying on the sand. I have no doubt that the force hidden behind these things…things?... has been the same that has animated Claire Lippman to create these pieces, and perhaps to live.


Leonardo Tenorio